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  • Shenzhen Institute of a college Project Name: Hermetic Heating Circulator Cooperative content: Airtight heating...
  • Yangzhou City, a chemical primary and secondary laboratory Project Name: Double Glass Reactor (Laboratory) Cooperation Contents: The chemi...
  • An biopharmaceutical factory in Anhui Province Project Name: Heating Circulator Cooperation: Our company's heating circulator ...
  • Nanjing, a chemical plant Project Name: Rotary evaporator Cooperation Contents: Our company is mainly eng...
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    万博官网app体育ios版_新万博manbetx体育app下载_体育app万博下载 [Company Profile] Anhui PULI Instrumentation Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional production, manufacturing, refrigeration, heating circulator, glass chemical equipment company, located in the beautiful and rich eastern Anhui Pearl --- Everlasting Economic Development Zone in Anhui Province. South of historical and cultural city of Nanjing, east of the ancient city of Yangzhou; northwest, respectively, and Chuzhou, Huaian connected; Ning and Ning-Huai Expressway runs through the territory, convenient transport...


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